March travels

Hi friends! March got away from me, but it was an amazing month! After Iceland, I went to Kristianstad, Sweden for a food hackathon. Not sure what that is? I wasn’t either, but it turns out it’s essentially a 36-hour innovation session to solve problems in food. In this case, we focused on issues related to the UN sustainable development goals and topics spanned from making new products from wasted fruit to making Sweden more self-sufficient in food. My team tackled food waste on airplanes, and I have to say that I never thought I’d be researching the intricacies of international catering waste legislation but it was more interesting than I expected. We worked on figuring out where the waste is coming from and how to prevent it, and we ended up taking second place! We learned a lot (not just about EU legislation) and met a lot of great people. It was a really cool experience! We also spent a day in Copenhagen on the way back, and I decided I could live there on the strength of the food alone. Plus, you know, picturesque canals and everyone biking- definitely my kind of city.

When I got back to Dublin from that trip, my parents had already arrived to visit! We spent a few days in Dublin, including hiking out in Howth and visiting the Book of Kells, and then we visited Cork for the weekend. It’s a super cute little town! I was a little too excited to find out that they have a butter museum, which was incredible, and also that there’s a church where you can go into the bell tower and even ring the bells. Were both of these activities aimed at children? Maybe. No shame. We also spent a day in Kinsale and walked a very small part of the Wild Atlantic Way- so beautiful! Also, lots of cows.

Because apparently I don’t actually check my calendar before planning things, I was off to London a few days after my parents left to see my aunt and uncle (who live in England). It ended up being one of the first sunny spring weekends, so I spent a lot of the time eating baked goods while sitting in parks, which is basically what I’d like to be doing all the time. We also got to eat at Ottolenghi’s Nopi restaurant (amazing, just like his cookbooks in the best possible way) and see Come From Away (made me cry several times. So good).

Last weekend I actually stayed in the city where I live for a change, but now it’s Easter break and I’m in Crete. Yes, my life is a bit ridiculous, I’m aware. I promise I do actually go to class and do homework and all that! (But also, several of my classes are baking and pastry, so I’m just making cakes and chocolate rabbits all the time. Is this helping?) More soon from Crete- so far it’s stunning!

I made the bunny in front! Very proud of myself.