My life revolves around food

Big milestones over here: successfully found both decent peanut butter and a neighborhood bar to watch soccer games. Doesn’t hurt that my local team happens to have several of the World Cup champion team stars on it! Oh, also made my first tarte tatin and confirmed that I will be making it again as soon as possible.

The actual big event of last week was SIAL, an enormous food show that took up 8 halls in a conference center. Eight. Halls. It’s a completely overwhelming but amazing experience, and it means that you spend the whole day just wandering around, talking to people about food, and eating. In other words, all of my favorite activities. This show was particularly cool because it had companies from all over the world and you could see products and trends from everywhere. When you’re a sucker for samples like I am, you end up eating some pretty amazing things (margarita ice pop, sheep cheese, all of the chocolate), but also some really questionable products. It’s always a gamble.

I also did a cooking competition! This was the classic move where I signed up when I saw the email and then completely forgot about it until the day before. The theme was eggs and my team was two other students from AgroParisTech, and two of us were very disappointed that the dish had to be savory. Our dish was way out of my comfort zone, but it came out great! Watercress foam, toasts with teriyaki-glazed eel and fish roe, black radish and egg white mayo, and a poached egg. It was so fun!
This weekend was one of those where you get to the end of the day and try to figure out if you ever left your room. We had a massive statistics project due Sunday night, so the last few days are a blur of excel spreadsheets. In the interest of trying to get out of the dorm, a few friends and I went to brunch on Sunday. We weren’t totally sure what was happening (definitely never saw a menu), but things kept appearing on the table and we were definitely not mad about it. The best moment was when we thought we were done and the server came out with dessert plates for each of us. I think we audibly gasped, and we could not get over how happy we were about it.
The temperature here dropped about 30 degrees overnight and I’m predictably sniffly–off to bed before this gets any worse.

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