Swans, Roses, and Valentines

We made so many fun things this week! I have a bit of a history with cream puff swans (they may or may not be called devil swans in my house), so it was very vindicating to come back to them and have them turn out so well. Plus those apple tarts–swoon.

I ventured out to a comedy show this week, which was excellent and quite funny, but the best part was the host seeing my Portland Timbers scarf and immediately recognizing the team! (If you don’t know who they are, no one does, it’s Portland’s soccer team.) He said he plays the FIFA soccer video game Timbers vs. Sounders (Portland vs. Seattle) as the ultimate hipster show-down, and it made me so happy.

We also had an Irish dancing lesson put on by the international office at the school, which was mostly a lot of very confused people spinning a lot and trying not to run into each other. It was very fun, although I wouldn’t say we were particularly, you know, good.

It turns out that you can get a shot glass of Kahlua and Bailey’s and it’s called a Baby Guinness, so obviously that happened. Both adorable and delicious.

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