A whole new macroenvironment

This week marked a big first for me: it’s the first time I’ve seriously used words like vertical integration and macroenvironment in a presentation. We did case studies of a Brazilian ethanol and sugar manufacturer for my business class, which is a far cry from the chemistry and baking I’m used to. I found the state of the world’s ethanol markets surprisingly interesting, but I prefer dealing with tangible things rather than examining the state of the competitive environment.

Side note: we had to discuss the difference between PESTE and STEEP analysis this week (there is none, they’re anagrams of the same letters) because all of this is sort of made up.

Another highlight of the week was discovering a new running path! (Yes, my life really is this exciting.) It’s by a lovely canal and has swans and herons to watch along with an abundant supply of very cute dogs, so it’s basically perfect. I thought I had made it to its end point, but apparently it goes all the way to Mayo, so I’ve got plenty of distance to go before I run out of path (that’s about 150 miles. I guess I’d better get going on that training).

Per usual, pastry classes were excellent. Highlights included Danishes, roll cakes (always my favorite), and chocolate lollipop swirls. So cool!

PS I think I found last week’s Baby Guinness all grown up…

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