Goodbye Paris!

Just like that, we’re leaving Paris and on our way to Dublin. It’s crazy how fast this semester flew by! We only had about a week and a half left after the holidays, but it was full of report writing, presentation giving, and plenty of final work to fill it quite full. Hard to believe I was in Boston only 11 days ago! It’s been a struggle but at least it was just a short time. 

We made good use of our last weekend in Paris with a climb to the towers of Notre Dame and its amazing views of the city. It was a great vantage point for scoping out our future apartments, judging entirely by rooftop gardens, of course. I spent most of Sunday just wandering around, making my way to an incredible pastry shop (of course) and stumbling on unexpected views of the Eiffel Tower, as you do. And then I spent a glorious few hours sitting in a park, eating my cake as slowly as possible, and finishing my book. Before the cold sank in, it was a pretty perfect afternoon. 

So, off to Dublin and new adventures! I’m excited to be there!

Back to school

School’s in session for real now! Things I’ve done in the last week that I haven’t done in half a decade: think about integrals, read a textbook on the train, hold a meeting at 9 pm because everyone in the group lives 200 feet from each other. Except for a heat convection problem set (wow, that was a struggle), it’s going well so far. We have a super class-heavy schedule, which means I need to learn how to cook actually simple dinners if I’m going to have any hope of getting to bed on time. But I also had this great moment in the library the other day where I looked around and ALL of the books were about food science and I wanted to read all of them–we didn’t have food science at my undergrad and it still blows my mind that I get to study it for real. (This picture is my campus. Not much to look at, but at least we get dramatic skies.)

In an unfortunate turn of events, I was on the losing end of a tussle with a root on a run a few weeks ago and (finally) went to the doctor last week to confirm that I sprained my foot. So I’ve got a super stylish orthopedic boot situation that makes running around Paris a bit more difficult for the moment. Luckily it’s not broken and the boot, obnoxious as it is, does seem to be helping. AND it led to one of my favorite Paris interactions so far: I was walking in my neighborhood talking in English when a lady walked up behind me and asked if this was the new American style. Apparently it looks like a sneaker from the back and she thought I was wearing intentionally mismatched shoes. When she saw that it was an injury boot, she felt awful but I just thought it was hilarious. I’m a trend-setter!

Despite the constant clacking that accompanies every other step (a professor called it my tap shoe), I can’t resist wandering around Paris, especially with my college roommate in town for the weekend. It also happened to be “Les JournĂ©es EuropĂ©ennes de la Patrimoine” (heritage days, more or less), so we found a scavenger hunt intended for children and some pretty buildings that aren’t usually open to the public. The best part, though, was definitely an organ concert where they let us climb up behind it and watch the organist play. There’s so much going on! Three keyboards, multiple sets of foot pedals, mysterious stops to pull in and out–it looked a little like an interactive activity for toddlers but it was super cool. See how fun it is to visit me? Who’s next?!